What we’re about:

Unique painting done by hand using environmentally responsible products and techniques. We specialize in producing durable detailed finishes that are tailored to
protect your home from rot, moisture, and mold problems.

We are Licensed and Bonded: CCB #202780

What being “Green” means to us:

Being “Green” helps us keep our prices down; you save by not having to pay for wasted materials and all the extraneous costs that go into spray set-ups. More importantly, our guarantee to carefully prep each job and go over every inch by hand is also a guarantee to fight off rot, water damage, mold, material deterioration, and ensure a vibrant finish that will extend the life of your home dramatically.

Why Hand-Paint?

A hand-painted house has many benefits when compared to the prevailing technique of commercial spraying. Sprayers are extremely wasteful; only 2/3rds of the paint actually reaches the surface being painted. Due to the over-spray, everything must be covered in plastic, paper, and tape, this produces a huge amount of unnecessary waste.  Spraying is expected to be faster, that also means that painters are forced to speed through a project, often cutting corners and missing areas that need more attention. By brushing and back-rolling everything by hand the paint gets pushed into the surface and actually bonds with the wood or material being painted. It is not uncommon for homes that have been sprayed to show bubbling and peeling. These type of paint jobs don’t last long when the seasons change.